Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you do not need to bring a partner with you to our classes as we rotate the ladies around the room at regular intervals so, even if there are not even numbers of men and ladies, everyone will get the opportunity to dance with a partner during the class. 

Do I need special shoes?

To begin with, no special shoes are required. Wear something comfortable but not trainers. Shoes with a smooth sole which allow you to turn easily are usually best. Ladies may benefit from wearing a shoe with a small heel. If you wish to purchase special dance shoes talk to Tim or Tasha about what to buy and where best to buy them. 

How do I know what level of class to attend? 

In every beginners lesson, we always cover the basic steps, mambo, rumba, back step, open out step and a mambo turn. (These moves can all be found on the tutorial videos on this website) After teaching these basic steps and dancing a short warm up to music, we build these moves into a simple routine with a partner, teaching the men how to lead and the ladies how to follow. 

The next level of class covers a fundamental move in salsa called a “cross body lead” (a move that allows change of direction on the dance floor) and the various turn pattern combinations that follow on from this move. Ladies and men’s styling is introduced though it is not essential at this stage in your dancing.

Progressing to the next level; styling is emphasised, more complicated turn patterns are introduced and moves should flow smoothly into one another, with men confidently leading moves that allow ladies to follow with ease.

Videos for Beginners

DVD for beginners

Do I need to pass a test to progress to the next level of class?

No, our classes work in a very relaxed way, if you feel you are ready and want to try the next level of class then we encourage this. We say it takes approximately six weeks to really master the basics of salsa but some individuals pick it up much more quickly than this and for others it may take longer. It’s entirely up to you which level of class you choose to attend.

How do I pay for my class?

We take cash or card at no charge to you.

Is there a dress code?

Smart casual is just fine. 🙂