This page was updated 2nd June 2021.

Hi all just a note to say we miss you all and hope your well. I have lost all on phone numbers so please send me a text with your full name on to 07462114013. Or if you like call and have a chat all free to talk. Look after your self and stay in touch with each other. I know some may struggle in theses times. Would love to hear from you all. Tim

Classes CANCELLED til further notice!

⚠Coronavirus update – class closure – please read ⚠

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since our last update and lots of you have been getting in touch to ask when our salsa classes will re-start. We’re currently waiting for the outcome of the governments next review with regards to lockdown easing and would like to allow enough time for the adult population to all have had two vaccines and for those to have taken effect. So no news yet folks but we will keep you posted. Stay safe. Tasha & Tim

Videos take a look at our weekly class.